Once again, you will find all Wagners grown 3.5” pepper, tomato, herbs and other vegetables, plus all 4 1/3” annual flowers growing in SelfEco pots.

These may look like an ordinary plastic pot, but they are anything but ordinary. These pots are 100% compostable.

Made locally in Stillwater, MN SelfEco pots are made from the renewable resources found in the starches of annual plants such as corn, sugar beets and switch grass. Research shows that plants started in SelfEco pots grow faster and in the case of vegetables produce more. As these pots slowly break down, they add nutrients to the soil.

Unlike plastic pots that end up in the landfill or in the recycling bin, these pots go right into the ground along with plant. Yes, that is correct! No matter where you’re planting them whether it be a vegetable garden, containers, window boxes or hanging baskets the plant and pot go into the soil. When you’re ready to plant, remove the plant label tag. We recommend putting these tags in an envelope and keeping until next year for reference. Remove the four tabs along the bottom of the SelfEco pot ; this allows the roots of the plant to grow out once planted. Dig a hole, toss the tabs you removed into the hole  and then place the plant and the SelfEco pot into the hole and fill around it with soil. Water just like you normally do. A s the pots gradually break down, they will continue to add nutrients to the soil.Print