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I have been keen to try one of the Spring flowering Alpina types for quite some time. I am very pleased with our choice of the Clematis – alpina Maria Basescu

It is planted against a narrow six-foot-high fence  in the sunny front garden. Flowering started in late March, and it is still blooming in mid-May. The Clematis being keen to grow higher has tumbled over the other side of the fence where it is putting on a pretty good show.

In all these years the only Clematis we have grown in the garden is the type which requires cutting back hard in late Winter, early Spring, such as viticella  etoile  violette.


If you have plenty of room for your Alpina Clematis to grow, then you can let it do its own thing for perhaps three years.

Follow group 1 pruning instructions. Alpina Clematis flowers on growth made the previous year. So, the idea is to prune immediately after flowering has gone over which will give time for plenty of new stems to grow.

In the early years, if you so wish, you could leave well alone, or reduce the stems by about 25% of their length.

After a few years it may well be beneficial to cut the whole thing back to two or three feet from ground level. You will be surprised at how much growth is made in the following months, and it will bloom again in the Spring.


Apply blood fish and bone in early March. Throughout Spring and until mid-Summer give a regular liquid feed of a high potash fertilizer.


From late Winter through till May, Clematis – alpina Maria Basescu will put on a wonderful display of these delightful blue blooms.  After flowering is over you will be treated to a display of fluffy seed heads, which you will lose some of if you prune, hmm.


Extremely hardy

Position and soil

Loves full sun but will do pretty well in semi shade. Grows in all reasonable garden soil as long as it is free draining.


Grows to about eight feet and requires support.

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Resurrected an old hobby of mine and with too much time on my hands in my old age, this is it.  ( its fun)

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