Dutch Grown

Bulbs Dutch Grown, what’s this all about, well, I will tell you further down on the page.

Daffodil Martha Stewart

The Martha Stewart Daffodil is not freely available in the UK, not to worry, I will tell you where the bulbs can be purchased in this country.

This sturdy stemmed daffodil 18 inches high and blooming in April is a great addition to the Spring display.

This post is all about Dutch grown Spring bulbs. Last September I was contacted by a Dutch bulb company. They seemed to like my website and as they have just set up a UK website where you can purchase their Dutch bulbs I was asked if I would give them a thumbs up.

Okay, there was something in it for me, a load of Spring bulbs. I had to think about it, but not for too long,

Anyway, the bulbs arrived in Early November and I didn’t waste time in getting them planted up. They were all a good size and didn’t half make our Spring garden zing.

Where did they come from? (Dutch Grown, established 1882)

Tulip Sky High Scarlet

This late flowering tulip with strong stems coped very well in our rather windy area of the UK. Surprised me, growing up to a height of 90 cm/3ft the sturdy stems kept them upright and looking very good indeed.

Tulip Brisbane

If you are a fan of double tulips, you will love Brisbane. The orange/peach and pink flowers have a frilly edge.

At 18 inches tall and blooming April/May, this one is perfect for front of the border or in pots.

Buy Tulip Brisbane

Hyacinth Royal Navy

In the past, I was always disappointed with outdoor Hyacinths, they never lived up to the performance of the indoor ones.

Hyacinth Royal Navy has made me think again, gorgeous chunky blooms with a heady fragrance.   Buy Hyacinth Royal Navy

Alium Gladiator

With its 15 cm flower heads and a height of 100/120 cm, the Alium Gladiator is very striking indeed.  Flowers open in late May and continue blooming through till the end of June, the seed heads then look very architectural.

Well, I have to say I am really happy with these bulbs which I received from Dutch Grown UK.


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